Get more financing customers through partnerships

Platform that helps you to get more business financing customers through partnerships. Create and launch embedded finance solutions without any hassle.

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The future of customer acquisition

Rahoo unlocks all the opportunities of embedded finance. Get to know our most popular features!

Embedded financing app to get more applications

Design, create and launch embedded financing solutions without any coding. Just place the pixel or widget on any website and you are good to go.

  • Designed for your needs
  • Embed easily anywhere on the web
  • Automatically optimized for the best conversion rate

Rahoo API for smooth integrations

Build advanced partnerships and provide your partners with an option to integrate your financial services into any software or platform within minutes.

  • Automated pre-scoring and pre-offers based on your criterions
  • Receive all applications into your own LOS or CRM

Partner portal for long-lasting partnerships

Provide your partners a state-of-the-art partner portal for application tracking and for easy access into all your embedded finance solutions.

  • Automated commission tracking
  • Unique partner url for delivering leads
  • Pixels and widgets to embed your application

Freedom to build your own financing ecosystem

Focus on generating more leads from your existing channels or build your own partner network – or even partner with other lenders or investors.

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We are ready to launch once you are happy with your solution! After that we will continously optimize your solution.

This is the
embedded finance

Embedded finance unlocks many opportunities to grow your business.

  • Get your customised application process
  • Place it anywhere on the web
  • Receive more applications instantly

Feedback from our
happy customers

We are building easier pathways for financing with dozens of trusted partners.

“Integrating Rahoo to increase the value captured of our users has been a no-brainer. Rahoo is easy to embed and offers great customizability, resulting in a seamless integration and a great user experience.”

Alf-Oskar Witting

CEO, LeadMatch

“Customizing and embedding the application process as a part of our service took only a few minutes. The best part is that you can take full control of the platform by yourself.”

Janne Uoti

CEO, Luotone

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