Unlock the full potential of partnerships

The Rahoo Platform empowers financial services to build advanced partnerships and increase customer acquisition through embedded finance.

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The future toolkit of all ambitious financial services

Meet your future customers anywhere on the web.

Customized embedded finance app to be placed anywhere on the web

Design, create and launch embedded financing solutions without any coding. Customize it to your needs and control your solutions in realtime.

Automatic partner signup flow and a partner portal for your partners

Create an easy on-boarding flow for your partners and be ready to launch new partnerships immediately. Your partners will get an access to your own partner portal and start utilizing your embedded finance solutions immediately.

Automized reporting and a tons of advanced tools to be more efficient

Decide the data you collect and manage your leads according to your needs. Enjoy real-time reporting and analysis about your sales funnel performance.

Smooth integrations into any other systems you want to keep using

Keep using your existing CRM or loan systems as you like. We want you to keep all the processes you love, but bring a tons of new features on the side.

Reach the full potential of your financial service

Attractive solution which takes you ahead your competitors.

Unlock all the potential partnerships

Launch new partnerships without any delay.

Launch partnerships without any delays

Save time and money with the no-code platform.

Enjoy the upsides of the best possible UX

High conversion rates maximizes your customer acquisition.

Embedded Finance is already disrupting the financing market

76 % of financial services already agree that partnership thinking is “the way forward” (Salesforce) . With Rahoo you are able to build strong partnerships that generate you more high quality customers.

Rahoo is loved by all the FinTech professionals

Rahoo is an unbeatable friend of marketing, IT and sales departments.

“Integrating Rahoo to increase the value captured of our users has been a no-brainer. Rahoo is easy to embed and offers great customizability, resulting in a seamless integration and a great user experience.”

Alf-Oskar Witting

CEO, LeadMatch

“Customizing and embedding the application process as a part of our service took only a few minutes. The best part is that you can take full control of the platform by yourself.”

Janne Uoti

CEO, Luotone

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