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The Rahoo Platform empowers you to build high-converting embedded finance solutions, which can be easily placed anywhere on the web.

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Get the most out of the partnerships

Rahoo's no-code platform helps you to succeed from the day one.

Launch new partnerships
in 5 minutes

Just a click and your sales partner is ready to implement your financing as a part of one’s service.

Improve user experience & conversion rate

Your financing is always integrated seamlessly into partner’s service to ensure the best possible UX without extra clicks

Spend less
on customer

Discovering new customer acquisition channels and optimizing your workflow saves on resources.

Rahoo top features

Features from FinTech professionals to FinTech professionals.

Embedded finance

Build application processes, landing pages or APIs for receiving applications from your partners.

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Partner sign-up

Start attracting more partners by enabling an automatic partner on-boarding.

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Commission tracking

Automize commission tracking and reporting with our accurate tracking system.

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Enjoy real-time funnel and session view to optimize your embedded finance solutions.


Keep your existing internal processes by integrating Rahoo into any CRM or LOS.

Partner portal

Provide your partners an access to your customized Rahoo partner portal and ease the reporting.

Get started easily

Meet your future customers anywhere on the web.

Build your first embedded finance solution

Build your custom application process or API using Rahoo Platform. Our experts will guide you through the setup, meaning no coding required on your end!

Setup your Rahoo Platform without any hassle

Integrate Rahoo Platform easily with your existing CRM or loan origination system. The full 2-way integration ensures the seamless workflow in all situations.

Start launching partnerships immediately

Just a click and your partner is ready to access your Rahoo Platform and implement your embedded finance solutions. Enjoy receiving more applications!

Embedded finance is disrupting the financing market

Embedded finance means that non-financial businesses become part of the financing process by offering financing on behalf of a financing service.

Already 70 % of the non-financial services in Europe are planning to offer embedded financing and 76 % of the financial services agree that partnership  thinking is the way forward.

Rahoo is loved by all the FinTech professionals

Rahoo is an unbeatable friend of marketing, IT and sales departments.

“Seamless integration and a great user experience”

Integrating Rahoo to increase the value captured of our users has been a no-brainer. Rahoo is easy to embed and offers great customizability, resulting in a seamless integration and a great user experience.

Alf-Oskar Witting


“Take the full control of the platform by yourself”

Customizing and embedding the application process as a part of our service took only a few minutes. The best part is that you can take full control of the platform by yourself.

Janne Uoti


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We are happy to tell you more about the Rahoo Platform. Just drop us a message or book a meeting, and you are one step closer of increasing your application volumes.