Embed business financing solutions close to your customers

Embeddable no-code business financing platform for applying all kind of funding.

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We help you to build modern financial services

Enjoy limitless possibilities without the hassle of development and maintenance.

User experience that increases application volumes

Rahoo allows you to have a ready-to-use application process that is always efficient but also always tailored to your needs. Make the whole financing process more efficient and improve your business!

  • Advanced technology without coding
  • Streamline and improve your business
For Finance Companies

Help clients find the right financing from the right company

Embed a financial platform on your own website and give your customers easy access to business finance.

  • Choose the products you want to offer
  • Sales commission up to 3% of the granted funding
  • Ready-to-use integrations with the most reliable finance companies
For Partners

Your service, your technology

Our platform does many things but we haven't done any compromises – it's a perfect platform for all needs.

Ease of use

The financial platform is always delivered quickly and completely as a ready-to-use service.

Always customized

The financial platform is always delivered as a customized package.

Integrates wherever you want

The financial platform can be easily embedded in any website or service.

This is what Rahoo looks like in action

Here is our vision for applying for business funding. We know your needs may be different from ours, so we’ve made the application process completely customizable.

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Partner for the ambitious

Rahoo is a versatile partner when you want to build something new for business finance.

We are interested about your company

We only exist because of satisfied customers. We want to help your business achieve even better results.

We are committed to development

We develop our technology persistently and are constantly offering new, more advanced features.

We reduce your investment needs

With our help, you are able to develop your digital services without time and money spent on development projects.

We improve access to finance

Rahoo and all our partners are involved in an ecosystem that helps improve access to business finance.