Platform that connects the entire financing market

One powerful financing platform for applying, granting and brokering business funding.

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A whole new ecosystem for business funding

We seamlessly connect companies in need of financing with finance providers and brokers.


Apply for funding easily and enjoy better access to finance.


Offer your business customers an effortless channel for applying funding and earn more money.

Financing Companies

Receive more applications, streamline your own processes, and make your own business even better.

Unique and easy-to-use tech

Enjoy limitless possibilities without the hassle of development and maintenance.

Provide an easy access to finance

With the intelligent Rahoo Apply application technology, you can take advantage of a brand-specific and versatile application process. We’ve created numerous features that ensure that your application is efficient and has a high conversion rate.

Rahoo Apply

Receive and process applications

With the versatile Rahoo Cloud customer relationship management system, you monitor and manage all incoming and forwarded applications. Extensive features ensure that you always have a full knowledge of what is happening on your financial platform and with your clients.

Rahoo Cloud

We want to provide more high-performing business funding

We have created Rahoo out of a desire to improve access to business funding through advanced technology. We believe this will be achieved through a unified business funding ecosystem in which partners, financiers and companies in need of funding work together.

A versatile partner for business financing

Our financial platform will always help you, but your needs will determine the scope.

Accounting firms and consultants

Help your customers find the right financing options and earn money every time your customer finds the right financing.

Finance companies

Receive more applications from your own website or forward applications that you have rejected to other companies


Wasn't your industry listed? Our financial platform is also suitable for many other industries so feel free to contact us and discuss more.