New pathways for financing

Rahoo is your platform for embedded finance. Create your own embedded finance solutions and start offering seamless pathways to business financing.

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Unlocking new opportunities within business financing

Our embedded finance solutions help you do more what you do best, but better.

Attract more customers

Rahoo makes customer acquisition easier. You can build your own application process within minutes, embed the code on any site, and start receiving more applications.

Our state-of-the-art UX helps you attract more customers and be known for your exceptional digital services.

Feel the power of partners

Are you already using sales partners to receive more applications? With Rahoo Platform you are able to provide your partners an embeddable application process, API and even a partner portal.

Start receiving more applications through partnerships without any hassle!

Work more efficiently

Rahoo isn’t just about building ecosystems – it’s about working more efficiently towards success. We make sure you’ll never miss potential leads again.

Rahoo gives you a full 360 degree view of all visitors, applications, applicants and partners.

Freedom to build your own financing ecosystem

Focus on generating more leads from your website, build your own partner network or forward applications to others. Choice is yours.

Offer an easier way to apply for financing

Use Rahoo’s embedded finance solutions to generate more leads throughout your service.

Receive more leads through partnerships

Offer embedded finance solutions for your partners and receive more quality applications.

Partner with lenders & investors

Forward applications to the lenders & investors of your choice and earn more money.

Feedback from our
happy customers

We are building easier pathways for financing with dozens of trusted partners.

"Integrating Rahoo to increase the value captured of our users has been a no-brainer"

Alf-Oskar Witting, LeadMatch

With Rahoo we are able to offer our users a fast and convenient way of comparing business financing options. Rahoo is easy to embed and offers great customizability, resulting in a seamless integration and a great user experience. In addition, we are able to track every lead sent through the application form with Rahoo’s platform.

"Rahoo is a fantastic platform for offering business financing options for our B2B customers"

Janne Uoti, Luotone

Customizing and embedding the application process as a part of our service took only a few minutes. The best part is that you can take full control of the platform by yourself. Rahoo is a superb way to connect SMEs in need of funding with lenders.

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