Enabling easier pathways for business financing

We are on a mission to enable easier pathways for financing and improve SMEs' access to finance all around the world.

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Game changer for the business financing industry

Rahoo's financing technology changes the business financing industry piece by piece.

New earning opportunities

Traditionally SMEs ask for financing offers manually and slowly from each bank, finance company or investor.

Rahoo provides an opportunity to embed business financing as a part of every service, bringing all partners closely attached to the financing process. All banks, financing companies and investors have a chance to connect the whole ecosystem and create new earning opportunities.

Less investments

Rahoo’s advanced financing technology reduces investment needs and unlocks new opportunities to increase application volumes.

With Rahoo, launching new financial services is faster than ever before.

Smaller transaction costs

Rahoo Platform reduces the time and effort needed from the SME to get funded.

With Rahoo, applying for financing is faster and matching the applicant with the right lender or investor happens without any delays.

Increased economic growth

Building easier pathways for finance is crucial for the economic growth.

Rahoo Platform helps SMEs to find financing opportunities more easily, which improves the access to finance and increases the possibilities for economic growth.

Transparent and innovative technology partner

Innovative, transparent and responsible platform for business financing.


Building innovative and problem-solving solutions for our customers and for the society.


Transparent towards employees, investors and customers. Building transparent solutions.


Respects environmental, social and corporate governance responsibilities.

Would you like to be part of our journey?

Our vision is that Rahoo Platform is the most popular tool in the world for applying business financing. We need your help to get there!

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