Tech company that boosts business funding

Our goal is to create a better business financing market and help companies perform better.

Partner for the ambitious

Our technological solutions and premium user experience make business financing more accessible and efficient to achieve.

Professionalism with startup mentality

Rahoo is a Finnish company whose owners, in addition to acting management, include Leap Investors, Gorilla Capital and several individuals who have developed successful digital services.

Rahoon’s vision is to be one of Europe’s most important bank-neutral business finance platform.

We want to create a better access to finance

We founded Rahoo out of a desire to help companies function better and grow faster.

The technology we have developed, improves access to finance, speeds up the financing process, and opens new opportunities for financiers and partners.

With our help, corporate finance is becoming more efficient than ever before.

Want to learn more?

You can contact us for job opportunities and in any other questions.

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+358 40 185 8079

Taneli Hulkko Co-Founder, CEO

[email protected]
+358 50 308 9381

Sami Soiluva Co-Founder, CTO