Embedded finance helps you meet your customers where they are

Rahoo Platform helps you to create embedded finance solutions instantly.

Offer an easy way to apply, anywhere on the web

Embedded finance means that the application process of your financing  process can be implemented as a part of any service. Resulting that your application process can be finished without extra clicks or switching the service.

This ensures the best possible user experience and high conversion rate.

Partner easily with anyone from any industry

Embedded finance gives you unlimited partnering opportunities.

The most popular partnering opportunities among our clients include partnerships with accounting, financing consulting, media, affiliate, brokering, ecommerce and SaaS companies.

Choose between various high-converting embedded finance solutions

Our no-code platform gives you the opportunity to build the best possible embedded finance solution for each use case. Embeddable application process, API or custom landing page.

Make your choice and launch your partnership immediately.

Top embedded finance features

Enjoy dozens of useful features tailored just for your needs.

Unique layout

Build a solution, which reflects your brand and products.

Customizable content

Ask all the relevant questions with high a converting application.

Multiple products

Include all your possible products on the same app.

Easy implement

Implement the application with just a one pixel or widget.

Custom integrations

Integrate all the needed 3rd party data sources on the app.

No coding

Launch and implement without any coding.