All-in-one solution for improving your customer acquisition

Features that bring in more customers from the day one.

Focus on receiving more applications

Having the best possible application or lead generation process on the market should be the main focus of every company in the financing industry. The average attention span is dropping year after year and many potential customers lose interest before they actually become customers.

Rahoo grabs the attention – and keeps it until the application is finished.

  • Conversion rate optimized by our conversion experts
  • Track your performance in real-time

Offer the best partner solutions on the market

More and more non-bank companies have embedded the finance as a part of their service and are offering financial services for their customers. Focusing on building your own partner solutions and implementing the power of embedded finance should be the main focus of all banks and financing companies.

With Rahoo you can take your partner solutions further than other companies in the business.

  • Everything you need to start offering partner solutions
  • Partner portal for your partners included

Build advanced partnerships with Rahoo API

Lack of proper APIs is a true efficiency problem for many banks and financing companies. Lack of APIs may be blocking new business opportunities and causing plenty of manual work in terms of reporting and bad user experience.

  • Easy integration
  • Automated pre-scoring and pre-offers based on your criterions
  • Receive all applications into your own LOS or CRM

Create integrations that make your life easier

Rahoo Platform has an advanced lead management system where you can see all your applications from all sources. However we understand that you may already have good, existing processes that don’t need to be replaced.

That is why you can integrate Rahoo to any other system you like. Rahoo adapts to your needs.

  • Over 500 integrations with Zapier
  • Custom integrations available

Partner with lenders & investors of your choice

Banks, financing companies and investors are typically missing revenue by not offering additional financing methods. Every now and then, customer may need the financing product you don’t have, and when that happens it’s everyones’ loss.

With Rahoo you are able to forward your applicants to other companies, gain positive feedback and generate extra revenue.

  • Build syndicates or your own ecosystem with other banks, financing companies and investors
  • Gain extra revenue without any effort
  • Fully GDPR compliant process

All around platform for improving customer acquisition

Start receiving more customers.

Apply anywhere

Place your application anywhere on the web.

Manage partnerships

Add new partners immediately and start scaling.

Track performance

See traffic in realtime and measure your performance.

Ease reporting

See commission payments automatically and save time.

Build integrations

Integrate easily to any other CRM or software you are using.

Enable easy signups

Offer your partners and easy way to join as a partner.