Manage your platform efficiently with the Financing Hub

Bringing you unlimited flexibility for controlling your Rahoo Platform leads

Be in full control of your data

Rahoo Platform gives you an opportunity to decide what data you collect and how do you use it. Review applicant data, make financing offers or communicate with the applicant.

Full integration capability into all CRM and loan systems enables you to choose the best practices and build a flow of your dreams.

Measure your traffic and automize reporting

Keep on track what is happening on your Rahoo Platform. Real-time view of the whole sales funnel gives you an opportunity to analyze your traffic carefully.

Implement easily your own tracking pixels to enjoy the same data on your analytics platforms.

Keep on the growth track

Tools that help you from the day one.


Review your traffic and sales funnel in real-time.


Implement your own tracking pixels easily.


Automatize reporting and start saving time.

Data sources

Implement 3rd party data sources and collect more data.

Decision engine

Make financing offers automatically or manually.

2-way API

Import or export data automatically.