Keep your existing workflow but enjoy a tons of new features

Connect your Rahoo Platform anywhere.

Integrate with your CRM/LOS

You can easily integrate Rahoo Platform to all the CRM and loan origination systems. This helps you to build the flow of your dreams and keep the best practises, while you can enjoy all the Rahoo Platform features.

We provide easy integrations with Zapier or custom integrations through APIs.

Integrate with any partners

Sometimes you may want to build unique partnerships and ways to receive applications. You may want to start working with loan intermediaries or implement your financing services as part of an accounting software.

Launch your API and finish the integrations without any delays. Our integration team will guide you through the whole process without additional costs.

Integrate with any 3rd party data source

Rahoo’s full integration capability enables you to bring 3rd party integrations, such as credit scoring, identity verification, AML, KYC or PSD2 as a party of your process. Utilize the data in your embedded finance solutions or in your financing hub.

Helping you to integrate easily anywhere

Connect your Rahoo Platform anywhere.


Build integrations easily and use only the best possible practices.


Launch advanced partnerships without any delays.

Data sources

Implement 3rd party data sources and collect more data.