Start easily building your own partner network

Manage everything regarding your partnerships.

Unlimited partnering opportunities

When the stiff competition is increasing the customer acquisition costs and making the customer decisions more complex, you should look for new ways to acquire customers.

We provide you unlimited opportunities to build digital partnerships.

Build partnerships with merchants, brokers, financing consultants, affiliates, online stores or anyone else operating in B2B sales.

Attractive and easy onboarding

Rahoo Platform provides you an opportunity to launch your own partner marketing program and automatize everything from start to finish.

Build your own sign-up flow for partners and start attracting more partners. Give your partners’ an instant access to your own embedded finance solutions. Keep your partners happy with an access to your own partner portal.

Partner portal and automized reporting

Reporting is one of the boring tasks no one wants to do. That’s why Rahoo helps you to fully automize your monthly partner reporting.

Provide your partners’ an access to your own partner portal and they can see your reports in real-time. They will also gain access to your own embedded finance solutions.

Features that make your partnerships bloom

Focusing on the efficiency.

Partner sign-up

Open a sign-up process to attract more partners.

Partner portal

Grant your partners’ an access to your partner portal.

Application tracking

Real-time application tracking for you and your partners.

Automatic commissions

Ease the pain of reporting with automatic commission calculations.

Delivery method selection

Let your partners choose between embedded finance, API or stand-alone process.


Save time and resources by offering automated on-boarding journey.