For easier pathways to financing, we’ve got you covered

We are already making business financing paths easier with versatile partners.

Banks and finance companies

Rahoo’s embedded finance solutions provide you an opportunity to build next generation financial services and get more customers.

  • Increase customer experience and receive more applications from your website
  • Build your own partner network and receive more applications
  • Forward rejected customers to other lenders and earn more money
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Venture capitalists

Receive more applications and quality investment opportunities more easier than ever before.

  • Partner with the organizations of your choice to receive more applications
  • Offer the easiest pathway to apply for funding
  • Manage leads efficiently and partner with other investors

Brokers and business consultants

Help your customers to find the right financing products more easily and attract more customers.

  • Offer your customers a fully digital journey to the right financing
  • Ask financing offers for your customers from multiple lenders at once
  • Build your own financing ecosystem and take your existing relationships further

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