We call this embedded finance

You can be part of the embedded finance revolution and grow your business.

This is what it means for venture capitalists

Customize your embedded finance app and place it anywhere you want

It’s customised just for you. In fact, you can edit it by yourself and see how changes take place in realtime.

Receive more applications from various parts of your website. Make it always easy to apply. Embed the application with just one script without any coding.

Build partnerships where embedded finance brings in more customers

Wouldn’t it be great if your application could be filled anywhere on the web? We think so too.

It doesn’t matter what kind of partner you have. Just add the partner on the platform and you are ready to receive more applications.

Build ecosystems with other investors

Are you receiving investment proposals that you are unable to answer in the affirmative or are you looking for a partner in the investment? With the money, you can effectively forward applications directly to other investors.

  • GDPR compliant mediation process
  • You can take advantage of your existing investor contacts or investors pre-integrated into the Rahoo’s platform

Manage everything within modern dashboard

Now you receive more applications, but what’s next? Actually that’s up to you. Rahoo collects all the information you want and shows you every application on the Rahoo Platform.

But as we hate extra work, we are more than happy to integrate into every platform you are using now.

Maybe we should talk more?

We are thrilled to learn more about your business! Could we have a short chat? We will ask few questions and learn more about your business. We will also give you a quick demo tour around Rahoo Platform.